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  • Our treatment is non-invasive, without pills or injections.
  • At Dieta Efectiva, you have the ability to lose a significant amount of weight in a short period of time without exercise.
  • Clients who participate in our programs can lose up to 12-15 pounds in their first week, then 1-5 pounds in the following weeks.

Can you imagine losing 117lbs? Scott realized that bariatric surgery was not a solution for him, and after much research, embraced Dieta Efectiva.

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Our Purpose

What causes people to become overweight?
This can be due to eating an amount of food that is above the amount of food the body needs or can use. We have all seen the numerous diet advertisements and medication on the market that are supposed to help you lose weight. Often these programs, there are foods that are “off limits” or foods that are cut to a very small amount. Many of these foods are the ones people often eat. Usually, these types of programs result in diet boredom, meaning people tire of the foods they are supposed to eat. Most people find great difficulty in staying on this diet, give up, and then gain back the weight they lost.

Our program is designed to be 100% natural, without any drugs or injections, and provides you with food options you can live with.

The treatment is based on auricular therapy, which is the use of a traditional Chinese medicine technique that uses pressure. Small magnets are placed on points in certain areas in the ear. These function as stimulation for the digestive organs and the central nervous system by using acupuncture meridians. This technique also helps in using these same meridians to reduce stress and tension, which can help with compulsive overeating. With an easy to follow meal guide and no side effects, this treatment is ideal.

Another beneficial side effect of the treatment is that while you able to lose the weight, you will not experience the flaccid or saggy skin that often occurs during a weight loss program,

Javier Romero

Dieta Efectiva

Discover Javier Romero’s talent skill and commitment to his clients. At Dieta Efectiva in Rialto, California. Javier Romero has been working with clients since 2003. Not only as a practitioner, Javier is a true testament of how well his program works. After losing over 100 pounds, Mr. Romero believed that this was a program that could help so many people conquer their issues with weight loss. This commitment and years of training helped to make Dieta Efectiva become successful.

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At Dieta Efectiva we particularly specialize in controlling overweight and get rid of astonishing amounts of body fats naturally without using pills, injections or invasive materials. Our Services We specialize in rendering quality auricular therapy services and guides to healthy nutrition. Most of our clinical services are majorly channeled towards assisting clients to tackle overweight and obesity situations.

Weight Loss

Almost 90% of our clients come to our facility to loss weight. We have successful weight loss clients of 20, 40, and even 100 pounds. Dieta effective has been in operation since 2004. That is almost 10 years of experience!


We are located in the cities of Rialto, Riverside, San Jacinto, La Puente, Norwalk and Panorama City. For you’re free consultation call
626-975-0935 between 9am to 6pm Monday-Sunday.

Alternative Treatments

In addition to weight loss treatments Dieta Efectiva also helps clients with fibromyalgia, pain management, cessation of smoking, arthritis, stress, tension, and anxiety.

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  •   My first week  feeling great and I lost 8lbs and inches off feels great to loose weight without having to starve myself like other diets. Ready to go another week with great results summer is closer than we know it and so is my next physical so really want to be healthy and slim by the summer.

    thumb lizeth f.

      I lost 8.2 lbs my first week and lost 3 inches in my waist!!
    I feel better and i cant wait to keep at it to get to my goal.
    I definitely recommend Dieta Efectiva.

    thumb Magdalena L.

      I I definitely recommend dieta Efectiva , I'm at 30 pounds down! I lost 13 pounds on my first week! The change in my eating habits makes me feel great! Javier explains everything good and motivates you to continue on your weight loss journey! Great experience so far and can't wait to see what I can accomplish with dieta effectiva!

    thumb Marlon S.
  •   This was a good experience I've lost 8 pounds in 1 one week and Javier is very well presentable and professional

    thumb Latisha T.

      Best experience, easy diet to follow. Lost 10pounds the first week.  Doctor and staff explain everything thorough. RESULTS RESULTS

    thumb Daisy L.

      Wow!! I lost 9 lbs in one week!!!!Where else can you go on a diet that allows you to eat, not be hungry and lose weight. I am just beside myself.

    thumb Al M.

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