5 Common Causes Of Belly Fat You Don’t Know Abou...

5 Common Causes Of Belly Fat You Don’t Know About

The stomach is the first body part fat settles, and it’s also the hardest part to remove fat. You may lose fat on all other parts but belly fat still won’t budge. So you have to prevent fat from settling in the stomach.

Now, you may know the obvious cause of belly fat – overeating. But there are other causes of belly fat you need to be aware of. Here are 5 little known causes of stubborn belly fat.

Hormonal imbalances

Our hormone levels affect where fat will settle in the body. Research shows that high cortisol levels cause fat to settle around the abdominal area. Additionally, our metabolism slows down when hormones are out of whack. Thyroid problems, high cortisol and estrogen levels may cause fat to settle in the stomach.

Eating non-organic food

As you may know, most non-organic foods are filled with toxins from pesticides and antibiotics. Evidence shows that these chemicals alter the performance of amino acids and cause insulin insensitivity and metabolic dysfunction. This results to weight gain and excess abdominal fat.

Eating organic food can help prevent gaining belly fat and also lower risk of diseases.

High intake of sugar and carbs

As this study shows sugar increase belly fat and liver fat, and consequently damages metabolism. In one study, subjects who got 25 percent of their daily calories from sugary beverages gained belly fat and their insulin sensitivity reduced. Research also shows that carbs, especially simple/ processed carbs cause belly fat.

Small intestine bacteria

Most people struggling with stubborn belly fat experience bloating, constipation, diarrhea, or poor bowel movement. These are symptoms of overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestines.

Bacteria can feed on the nutrients you consume which means your body won’t get all the nutrients it needs. So you may eat healthy but still gain belly fat.

High omega 6s intake

Omega 6 fatty acids cause inflammation and belly fat. If you don’t eat enough omega 3s to balance out omega 6s you’ll end up gaining belly fat. Avoid foods high in omega 6s.

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